AFC West: Everything you need to know about this division

Aug 24, 2022

The NFL resumes next month and fans around the league can’t wait for the action to kickoff. Leading up to the season we are breaking down the 8 divisions in the league.

Today, we focus on the AFC West.

We will reveal below the teams that make up this conference.
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What is the AFC West?

The AFC West is one of the four conferences that exist in the American Football Conference.

Like all other divisions, it contains four teams.

What are the teams in the AFC West?

The teams in the AFC West are the Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, and Chiefs.

Find out more about these franchises below.

Los Angeles Chargers

First season: 1959

Team colours: White, Orange and Blue

2021 Result: 3rd AFC West

Location: Los Angeles, California

Stadium: SoFi Stadium (Capacity: 70,240)

Key players: Justin Herbert (Quarterback), Keenan Allen (Wide Receiver), Joey Bosa (Linebacker)

Kansas City CHIEFS

First season: 1960

Team colours: Red, Orange and White

2021 Result: 1st AFC West, lost in the conference finals (AFC Championship Game)

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Stadium: Arrowhead Stadium (Capacity: 78,097)

Key players: Patrick Mahomes (Quarterback), Travis Kelce (Tight End), JuJu Smith-Schuster


First season: 1960

Team colours: Black and Grey

2021 Result: 2nd AFC West, eliminated in Wild Card

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Stadium: Allegiant Stadium (Capacity: 63,122)

Key Players: Derek Carr (Quarterback), DeVante Adams (Wide Receiver), Josh Jacobs (Running Back)


First season: 1960

Team colours: Orange, Blue and White

2021 Result: 4th AFC West

Location: Denver, Colorado

Stadium: Empower Field at Mile High (Capacity: 76,125)

Key players: Russell Wilson (Quarterback), Jerry Jeudy (Wide Receiver)