NFL – Super Wild Card Weekend Results

Jan 17, 2022

A crazy Wild Card Weekend this week in the NFL !
Big clashes between teams at the top of their form reserved many surprises!
The players were revved up, the quarterbacks were exceptional and the fans were delighted ! What a week! reveals to you below the detailed results of all these spectacular games !


Spread : Chiefs Cover
Spread Result : Chiefs -12,5
Total Over / Under : Over

The Chiefs crushed (42-21) the Steelers and cover the spread (-12.5) in an exceptional way !
Patrick Mahomes, quarterback of Kansas City registers 404 yards and 5 touchdowns !
Incredible performance from him while on the Steelers side, Ben Roethlisberger throws for 215 yards and 2 touchdowns in what may be his final game.
The Chiefs advance to face the Bills !


Spread : Bengals Cover
Spread Result : Bengals -6
Total Over / Under : Under

Great win for the Bengals (26-19) against the Raiders to kick off Wild Card Weekend !
The Bengals were able to cover the spread (-6) !
On the Raiders side, Derek Carr had a great game, putting up 310 yards and 1 touchdown however, the sensational Joe Burrow for the Cincinnati Bengals lead his team forward with 244 yards and 2 touchdowns ! What a game!
The Bengals are looking forward to their matchup against the #1 Titans.


Spread : Bills Cover
Spread Result : Bills -5
Total Over / Under : Over

Huge win for the Bills (47-17) against their rival, the Patriots ! The Bills cover the spread (-5) with an incredible performance from Josh Allen with 308 yards and 5 touchdowns !
On the Patriots side, Mac Jones’s 232 yards and 2 touchdowns were not good enough.
In the end, the Bills look forward to their rematch vs the Chiefs next week !


Spread : Buccaneers Cover
Spread Result : Buccaneers -7
Total Over / Under : Under

Buccaneers win (31-15) against the Eagles in a spectacular game and the Bucs cover the spread (-7) !
Tom Brady, legendary quarterback of the Bucs puts up 271 yards and 2 touchdowns !
Jalen Hurts on the Eagles side was able to bounce back with 258 yards and 1 touchdown.
The Bucs advance and host the Rams next week.


Spread : 49ers Cover
Spread Result : 49ers +3,5
Total Over / Under : Under

Surprise victory for the 49ers in this tight game against the Cowboys ! The 49ers cover the spread (+3.5).
Jimmy Garoppolo was good enough with 172 yards while his teammates Elijah Mitchel and Deebo Samuel score 1 touchdown each !
The 49ers head to Green Bay for their next match-up while the disappointed Cowboys have to review their season and have some tough decisions to make.


Spread : Rams Cover
Spread Result : Rams -3.5
Total Over / Under : Under

Fantastic win for the Rams (34-11) against the Cardinals as the Rams cover the spread in dominant fashion !
For the Rams, Matthew Stafford makes a great game with 202 yards and 2 touchdowns.
On the Cardinals side, Kyler Murray was disappointing with 137 yards.
The Rams are headed to Tampa Bay as they look for a second win against the Buccaneers.