NFL Week 10 Recap

Nov 14, 2022

Another week of soccer has come to an end in the NFL!
This week 10 had its share of surprises and incredible performances.

Were the Bucs able to defeat the Seahawks live from Munich, Germany?
Who won the California duel between San Francisco and Los Angeles?

Our editorial team at BET99 decided to give you a full rundown of the results. Follow us!

Buccaneers 2116 Seahawks

Victory (21-16) of the Bucs against the Seahawks live from Germany!

Brady suffered 1 interception but still scored 2 touchdowns and 258 yards!

If both teams stayed quiet during the first quarter, the Bucs scored 2 touchdowns in the second quarter by Jones and Fournette.

The two touchdowns scored by the Seahawks at the end of the fourth quarter can’t make up for it.

Tampa Bay wins!

Overall, the Bucs are at 5-4 and the Seahawks at 6-4

Packers 3128 Cowboys

Green Bay defeated (31-28) the Cowboys by 3 points!

Prescott had 2 interceptions during the game and recorded 265 yards and 3 touchdowns. A lackluster performance for the Cowboys quarterback.

The Cowboys lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter (28-14), the Packers recovered, caught up and defeated Dallas with 2 touchdowns from Rodgersand 1 field goal from Crosby!
What an exceptional game.

Now, the Cowboys are 6-3 and the Packers are 4-6

49ers 2216 Chargers

The Chargers lost (22-16) against the 49ers!

Garoppolo threw for 240 yards while Herbert had 196 yards, 1 touchdown and suffered 1 interception.

The Chargers let this one slip away as they were leading (16-13) at the beginning of the fourth quarter!
But in this last quarter, a touchdown by McCaffrey followed by a field goal by Gould put an end to the Chargers’ hopes.

Overall, 49ers and Chargers are at 5-4!

Other results from week 10

Check out the rest of the Week 10 NFL results below:

Panthers 2515 Falcons

Vikings 3330 Bills

Lions 3130 Bears

Titans 1710 Broncos

Chiefs 2717 Jaguars

Dolphins 3917 Browns

Giants 2416 Texans

Steelers 2010 Saints

Colts 2520 Raiders

Cardinals 2717 Rams