NFL Week 17 Recap

Jan 2, 2023

It’s a Week 17 NFL roundup tinged with a serious event that takes place this weekend.

Beyond the results, the moment that left all NFL fans speechless waswhen Buffalo Bills player, Damar Hamlin, collapsed after a hit during the Bills-Bengals game. Hamlin, surrounded by medical staff and players, was rushed to a Cincinnati hospital where he received extensive medical treatment. To everyone’s relief Hamlin is awake and is expected to recover.

The game was initially postponed but the league has since cancelled it.

Please see a recap of other Week 17 results below.

Cowboys 2713 Titans

Big win for the Cowboys (27-13) against the Titans.

Prescott and the Cowboys continue their winning streak after beating the formidable Eagles last week!

Prescott recorded 282 yards, 2 touchdowns but suffered 2 interceptions while Dobbs on the Titans side recorded 232 yards, 1 touchdown and suffered 1 interception.

The Titans did not impress the Cowboys despite their 2 field goals and their only touchdown of the game.

Overall, the Cowboys are 12-4 and the Titans are 7-9.

Saints 2010 Eagles

Another loss (20-10) for the Eagles this time against the Saints!

Minshew scored 274 yards and 1 touchdown but suffered 1 interception.
Dalton recorded 205 yards and 1 interception.

Early in the game, the Saints scored a touchdown by Hill and at the beginning of the third quarter, New Orleans led 13-0.

The Eagles were stunned and tried to respond with a field goal and a touchdown but Lattimore scored a final touchdown for the Saints in the fourth quarter. The Saints win (20-10) against the Eagles in doubt.

Eagles 13-3 and Saints at 7-9.

Buccaneers 3024 Panthers

Nice win (30-24) for the Bucs against the Panthers!

Brady has a great game with 432 yards and 3 touchdowns.
Darnold recorded 341 yards, 3 touchdowns but suffered 1 interception.

With a total of 4 touchdowns and 1 field goal, Tampa Bay was able to defeat the Panthers.
The 3 touchdowns in a row from the Bucs buried Carolina’s dreams of victory.

A final field goal in the last moments by Pineiro did not weigh on the final result.

The Bucs are 8-8 and the Panthers are 6-10.

Other Week 17 Games

Check out the results of the other Week 17 NFL games below:

Bills – Bengals (postponed)

Falcons 2019 Cardinals

Lions 4110 Bears

Chiefs 2724 Broncos

Patriots 2321 Dolphins

Giants 3810 Colts

Browns 2410 Commanders

Jaguars 313 Texans

49ers 3734 Raiders

Seahawks 236 Jets

Packers 4117 Vikings

Chargers 3110 Rams

Steelers 1613 Ravens