NFL Week 6 – Results of the Week

Oct 18, 2021

Great show, incredible touchdowns and quarterbacks still in top form!
Crazy results this week in the NFL – WEEK 6!
BET99 invites you to discover all the results below…

(Please note that four teams were off this week : Falcons, Jets, 49ers, Saints)


Spread Result : PACKERS COVER
Spread : PACKERS -5,5
Total Over/Under : UNDER

How to talk about this Packers victory without talking about the great Quarterback Aaron Rodgers ? Simply the key player of this Green Bay team! This iconic NFC rivalry held all its promises. Rookie Justin Fields was not up to the task this time for the Bears. Logical score and victory for the Packers (24-14) against the Chicago Bears !


Spread Result : COLTS COVER
Spread : COLTS -11,5
Total Over/Under : UNDER

The Colts are on fire while the Houston Texans are sinking more and more ! Great performance by Jonathan Taylor with a sumptuous 11 yards touchdowns ! Davis Mills is the key player of the game with 247 yards !


Spread Result : EAGLES COVER
Spread : EAGLES +7
Total Over/Under : UNDER

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers shined during the NFL – Week 6! Brady with 297 yards and Fournette with 2 Touchdowns were particularly in form for the great happiness of the Bucs fans! However, under the Florida sun, the Philadelphia Eagles still covered the spread…


Spread Result : JAGUARS COVER
Spread : JAGUARS +3
Total Over/Under : Under

It was the NFL – Week 6 game played in London, England! And we can say that NFL fans from all over Europe were able to see an incredible game. Trevor Lawrence and his Jaguars teammates were able to thwart (23-20) the plans of Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins! Maybe his recent injury played a role in the outcome and the score of this game… Brian Flores, the Dolphins’ coach would not say otherwise!


Spread Result : CHIEFS COVER
Spread : CHIEFS – 6,5
Total Over/Under : UNDER

The Washington Football Team is at the end of its rope! The Kansas City Chiefs delivered a crazy performance (31-13) while covering the spread! Their quarterback Patrick Mahomes delivered a crazy game with 397 yards and 2 touchdowns allowing the Chiefs to crush the Football Team, which is in serious doubt now…


Spread Result : RAMS COVER
Spread : RAMS -7,5
Total Over/Under : PUSH

A Los Angeles Rams team in better shape than ever! By beating the New York Giants (38-11), they revealed their incredible potential this season! Matthew Stafford is credited with 247 yards, 4 touchdowns and 1 interception, a monstrous performance of the Rams quarterback! For the record, 28 points were scored by the Rams in the second quarter, a record since 2002!


Spread Result : BENGALS COVER
Spread : BENGALS -3.5
Total Over/Under : UNDER

What a great win (34-11) for the Cincinnati Bengals against the Detroit Lions who are sinking deeper and deeper! Joe Burrow and the Bengals made only one bite out of the Detroit Lions who remained silent until the last quarter ! Gloomy return to Michigan for the Lions!


Spread Result : RAVENS COVER
Spread : RAVENS -3
Total Over/Under : UNDER

This is surely the biggest surprise of this NFL – Week 6 ! The Baltimore Ravens’ crushing victory over the Los Angeles Chargers (34-6) ! Lamar Jackson, the Ravens’ quarterback was responsible for 2 magnificent interceptions! Devonta Freeman finished off the Chargers with a final touchdown in the last quarter! Sad night for the Chargers who will have to redouble their efforts from now on and get back in shape very quickly for the NFL – Week 7 !


Spread Result : VIKINGS COVER
Spread : VIKINGS – 2,5
Total Over/Under : OVER

Close game but in the end, it’s the Minnessota Vikings who beat (34-28) the Carolina Panthers ! Kirk Cousins, the Vikings’ quarterback delivered a crazy performance with 3 touchdowns and 373 yards! No doubt that his performance counted in the victory of his team in this NFL – Week 6 !


Spread : CARDINALS +3.5
Total Over/Under : OVER

The Cardinals beat (37-14) a Cleveland Browns team but the spectacle created by both teams was a treat for the fans present at FirstEnergy Stadium! Especially this pass from Baker Mayfield and this incredible touchdown from Peoples-Jones for the Browns which will be in the best-of of this NFL – Week 6 ! Every NFL fan was thrilled to see this monstrous pass and this magnificent reception!


Spread Result : RAIDERS COVER
Spread : RAIDERS +5
Total Over/Under : OVER

Close game but in the end, it’s the Minnessota Vikings who beat (34-28) the Carolina Panthers ! Kirk Cousins, the Vikings’ quarterback delivered a crazy performance with 3 touchdowns and 373 yards! No doubt that his performance counted in the victory of his team in this NFL – Week 6 !


Spread Result : COWBOYS COVER
Spread : COWBOYS -3,5
Total Over/Under : OVER

25 long years! That’s how long it’s been since the Cowboys beat the New England Patriots! In this NFL – Week 6, the Dallas Cowboys with their powerful Dak Prescott delivered an anthology game (35-29) against the Patriots who continued to fight! 445 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception for the Cowboys quarterback against a Mak Jones and a Patriots team that was doubting more and more ! The Patriots ended up folding for the Cowboys’ greatest happiness ! Spectacular !


Spread Result : SEAHAWKS
Spread : SEAHAWKS +4.5
Total Over/Under : PUSH

Many would have bet the opposite but no, the Seattle Seahawks were well beaten (23-20) by the Pittsburgh Steelers in a very…very close game! Amazing anecdote, the Seahawks had not lost 6 times in a season since 2015 ! Great performance from Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers’ experienced quarterback with more than 229 yards and 1 touchdown on the counter!


Spread Result : TITANS COVER
Spread : TITANS +5.5
Total Over/Under : OVER

Nice surprise for the Titans fans in their home stadium of Nissan Stadium in Nashville! A hard fought victory (34-31) against the Buffalo Bills who were in great shape! Despite his 353 yards and 3 touchdowns, Josh Allen’s incredible performance was not enough for the Bills to get a nice win on the road! Congratulations to the Titans, winners of this game which closed the NFL – Week 6 during this MNF !