NFL Week 7 Preview

Oct 18, 2022

Another stellar week ahead in the NFL.
Our BET99 writing team decided to give you a full preview of the important games as well as a recap of all the other games.

Will the Buccaneers and Cowboys bounce back from their losses?

Will the Chiefs do better than they did in Week 6 after their heartbreaking loss to the Bills?

Follow us below to get an idea of what to expect in these games!

Important games

Buccaneers vs Panthers

After a 20-18 loss to the Steelers in week 6, the Bucs, led by iconic quarterback Brady, will have to beat the Panthers in this game.

Brady will have to be in great shape to allow Fournette to score touchdowns as soon as possible.

The Panthers, on the other hand, will have to play a big game to beat the Bucs.
With 1-5 on the scoreboard, they are in bad shape and will have to be very strong on defense to face the repeated assaults of Tampa Bay!

The game will be played on 10.23 at 1 PM Eastern time!

Lions vs Cowboys

Will the Cowboys bounce back from their Week 6 loss?
The Lions may not have many wins, but they have a great record this season. It’s up to them to create a surprise!

The big news is the probable return of their quarterback Prescott, which could change the game for the Lions, who seem to be inferior to the Cowboys.
Detroit will have to watch out for the Prescott (or Rush) – Elliott pair that could hurt them on defense.

This game will take place from 10.23 to 1 PM Eastern time!

Chiefs vs 49ers

Will the Chiefs bounce back from their heartbreaking loss to the Bills last week?
That’s what Mahomes and his teammates are hoping for as they face the 49ers this time around!

Kansas City’s defense will still have to pay attention to Wilson Jr’s speed on the run. If Garoppolo is in shape, an upset could take place live from Levi’s Stadium!

The game will be on tap starting at 4:25 PM Eastern on 10.23.

Other Week 7 Matches

Check out the rest of the games in this week’s NFL action below:

Saints vs Cardinals

Falcons vs Bengals

Colts vs Titans

Packers vs Commanders

Giants vs Packers

Browns vs Ravens

Jets vs Broncos

Texans vs Raiders

Seahawks vs Chargers

Steelers vs Dolphins

Bears vs Patriots