NFL Week 9 – Results of the Week

Nov 8, 2021

With its share of surprises, completely improbable touchdowns and outstanding performances from the players, the fans have seen a great show in every stadium!
At BET99, we detail all the results of this week 9 of the NFL below.



Spread Result : COLTS COVER
Spread : COLTS -10
Total Over/Under : OVER

Great win for the Colts against the Jets (45-30) on Thursday Night Football!
The quarterback Carson Wentz, with 272 and 3 touchdowns is one of the heroes of the game ! Jonathan Taylor scored 2 touchdowns to bring down the Jets!
The Colts also cover the spread (-10) !
In the end, the Colts are 4-5 and the Jets are 2-6 and will have to get their spirits back up in week 10!


Spread Result : FALCONS COVER
Spread : FALCONS +6,5
Total Over/Under : OVER

Very close game between the Falcons and the Saints that ends with a win on the wire for the Atlanta Falcons (27-25) who also covered the spread (+ 6,5)!
The key player of the game, Matt Ryan scored 2 touchdowns and 343 yards, an incredible performance from the experienced Falcons quarterback !
On the Saints side, Trevor Siemian’s 2 touchdowns and Alvin Kamara’s touchdown didn’t help their team to win this game.Falcons are now at 4-4 and Saints are at 5-3 !


Spread Result : BRONCOS COVER
Spread : BRONCOS +10
Total Over/Under : UNDER

This Broncos win against the Cowboys (30-16) is one of the biggest surprises of this week 9 of the NFL! They also cover the spread (+10) !
Terry Bridgewater and his team inflicted a defeat on Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.
Congratulations to the Broncos who are at 5-4 and the Cowboys are now at 6-2.
The Cowboys will have to find their great form next week and forget this rout!


Spread Result : VIKINGS COVER
Spread : VIKINGS +6
Total Over/Under : OVER

The Ravens can thank their quarterback Lamar Jackson in this week 9 NFL game!
With 266 yards and 3 touchdowns, he helped his team win in overtime (34-31) against a strong Minnesota Vikings team, disappointed with the final result ! Kirk Cousins with 187 yards and 2 touchdowns were less lucky for the Vikings !
This game was one of the best of week 9 in the NFL !
In the end, the Vikings are 3-5 and the Ravens are 6-2 heading into week 10!


Spread Result : BROWNS COVER
Spread : BROWNS +2
Total Over/Under : OVER

Heavy defeat (41-16) for the Bengals who were on a winning streak!
The Cleveland Browns delivered a superb performance by being solid defensively and effective during their attacks! They also covered the spread (+2) !
Nick Chubb and Baker Mayfield combined for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns and allowed the Browns to take a big advantage !
The Bengals and Browns are both 5-4 heading into week 10 of the NFL! It promises to be a great show next week!


Spread Result : GIANTS COVER
Spread : GIANTS +3,5
Total Over/Under : UNDER

Nice win for the Giants (23-16) against the Las Vegas Raiders ! Giants also cover the spread (+3,5) !
Derek Carr with 1 touchdown and 296 yards were not enough to defeat a strong New York Giants team.
On the Giants side, the pair Devontae Booker and Daniel Jones were luckier !
Daniel Jones and Evan Egram scored 2 touchdowns for the Giants!
The Giants are now 3-6 while the Raiders are 5-3!


Spread Result : JAGUARS COVER
Spread : JAGUARS +14
Total Over/Under : UNDER

One of the surprises of this week 9 of the NFL is the Bills loss against the Jaguars (9-6) !
The Jaguars cover the spread (+14) and in this tight game, it’s Trevor Lawrence’s 118 yards that beat Josh Allen’s Bills !
The Bills are now 5-3 and the Jaguars are 2-6 heading into week 10 of the NFL!


Spread Result : PATRIOTS COVER
Spread : PATRIOTS -3.5
Total Over/Under : UNDER

Mac Jones and the Patriots devoured (24-6) a Carolina Panthers team, not at all at the level !
With 139 yards and 1 touchdown, the Patriots quarterback allowed his team to take a quick lead in this game.
Sam Darnold and his 172 yards were alone in front of the weak performance of his teammates of the Panthers!
The Patriots are at 5-4 and the Panthers at 4-5! The Panthers will have to make up for it in week 10 of the NFL next week!


Spread Result : DOLPHINS COVER
Spread : DOLPHINS -6
Total Over/Under : UNDER

Nice win for the Dolphins (17-9) against the Houston Texans !
The Dolphins cover the spread (-6) and we can greet the beautiful performance of their quarterback Jacoby Brissett with 1 touchdown and 244 yards !
The Texans despite the 240 yards of Tyrod Taylor are still sinking …
A great performance from the Miami Dolphins that gives them some hope for week 10 of the NFL !
The Dolphins are 2-7 while the Texans are 1-8…


Spread Result : CHARGERS COVER
Spread : CHARGERS -1
Total Over/Under : OVER

Another close game that ends this time with a Chargers (27-24) victory over the Eagles!
The Chargers cover the spread (-1) and an outstanding performance by Justin Herbert with 356 yards and 3 touchdowns allows them to beat the strong Eagles!
The Chargers are 5-3 and the Eagles at 3-6 have the pressure on heading into week 10 of the NFL!


Spread : CARDINALS +4
Total Over/Under : OVER

The Cardinals simply devoured (31-17) a weak 49ers team!
Revenge of their Week 8 loss to the Packers, the Arizona Cardinals covered the spread (+4)!
Colt McCoy and James Conner have between them 350 yards and 3 touchdowns !
On the 49ers side, Jimmy Garoppolo and the Niners ended up losing despite his 326 yards and 2 touchdowns.
The Cardinals are at 8-1 and the 49ers at 3-5 now.


Spread result : PACKERS COVER
Spread : PACKERS +7
Total Over/Under : UNDER

Another big surprise of this week 9 of the NFL, the loss of the Packers (13-7) who had a big absence: Aaron Rodgers!
The Kansas City Chiefs thanks to Mahomes managed to deliver a solid performance and score 2 touchdowns !
The Packers cover the spread (+7) despite the loss and are now at 7-2.
The Chiefs enter week 10 of the NFL with a 5-4 confidence!


Spread Result : TITANS COVER
Spread : TITANS +7.5
Total Over/Under : UNDER

Titans win against the Rams (28-16) in this clash of in-form teams!
The Titans cover the spread (+7.5) and their quarterback Ryan Tannehill scores 143 and 1 touchdown !
On the Rams side, Matthew Stafford’s touchdown and 294 yards were not enough to beat the Titans!
The Titans and Rams are both 7-2 heading into week 10 of the NFL!


Spread Result : BEARS COVER
Spread : BEARS +6.5
Total Over/Under : OVER

What a close win for the Steelers (29-27) over the Bears!
Najee Harris and Ben Roetllisberger were the two key players for the Steelers, scoring 3 touchdowns and 270 yards !
On the Bears side, Rookie Justin Fields, 291 yards and 1 touchdown delivered a great performance but without winning the final result. The Bears cover the spread (+6.5) and are now at 3-6 !
The Steelers are at 5-3 !