The 8 Greatest Rivalries In MLB History

Apr 14, 2022

As you can probably imagine, baseball also has its share of rivalries and high-stakes games that unleash the passions of its fans.

Today the team reveals the greatest rivalries of baseball and its major league: MLB.

Let’s go!

The Battle of Ohio

This emblematic Major League Baseball (MLB) rivalry pits two neighbouring cities within the same state: Ohio. On one side, the Cleveland Indians and on the other, the Cincinnati Reds.

This world-known duel between teams from popular Midwestern cities is followed closely by many baseball fans. This rivalry is over 120 years old and remains one of the longest running in the MLB.

The City Series

The term “City Series” is often used in the MLB championship to designate games between teams from the same city.

Among these cities, we find:


Chicago with the Cubs-White Sox rivalry


Philadelphia with the Athletics-Phillies rivalry


Saint Louis with the rivalry between the Cardinals and the Browns

These games provoke a huge excitement in these cities on the days their two rival teams meet. One thing is for sure: the players must be highly motivated and energetic during these games because the fans mark their presence with great enthusiasm.

So here’s another intra-city rivalry, but this one is in New York City, called the “Metro Series.”
The two New York teams are the Mets and the Yankees. One is located in the Bronx borough (Yankees) and the other in Queens (Mets.)

An interesting fact is that, previously, the “Metro Series” also included the Dodgers (now relocated to Los Angeles) and the Giants (relocated to San Francisco.)

The neo-rivalries to watch

In 2022, new rival teams will compete. Among them, we can note the confrontations between:


    New York Mets against the Atlanta Braves


    Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees


    San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

    These teams promise their fans a big time with the California derby between the Padres and the Dodgers.

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      MLB and Its Rivalries

      There are many rivalries in the MLB, and whether it’s sports, borough, city or social rivalries, they definitely excite baseball fans and bettors.

      Old rivalries are well-known and consolidated, but new ones also exist, especially in sports facts.

      You will not regret following MLB closely this year. It promises tons of fun with all these high-stakes games!