The Basic Rules Of The American Football

Dec 23, 2021

American Football is one of the most popular sports in North America. At BET99, it is also one of the most popular sports to bet on. It must be said that our different types of sports betting on this sport allow them to have a variety and multiple betting choices.

However, you may be a beginner in this sport and we understand that. That’s why today the BET99 team is teaching you the basic rules of American Football.

Follow us, we’ll tell you all about it!

Rules of the game

American football is a sport that is played at 11 against 11. (exactly as for soccer)

To understand the goal of this sport, you must first understand that there are two different phases of the game:



Thus, you will have during these games of 60 minutes (divided into 4 quarters of 15 minutes) phases of attacks and phases of defenses.

The goal is to win a game by scoring more points than the opposing team.
These points can be scored by :



one touchdown equals 6 points

A touchdown is scored by crossing the goal line located in the so-called End Zone. It is comparable to a try in rugby.



for an extra point, 1 point

A kick is similar to a rugby penalty.


Field Goal

a field goal is equal to 3 points

A field goal is similar to a conversion in rugby. The field goal is only scored in the attack phase



a safety equals 2 points

A safety is a little more complex. To score a safety, the opposing ball carrier must be tackled in the End Zone or moved out of the End Zone.


Attempt a two-points conversion

2 points

An Attempt a two-point conversion is a play ran from the 2 yard line in which they must score similar to a touchdown.

The different positions

As in any team sport, a player has his own position. Thus, an American football team has several players and several positions.


Among these positions, some are dedicated to the attack phases:


Running Backs

Tight Ends

Wide Receivers

Offensive line


In the defensive phase, there are other positions. These positions are:

Defensive Ends



Defensive Tackles

The American Football League

The most popular American football league is the National Football League, better known as the NFL.

The NFL league is now separated into two conferences: AFC and NFC.

In each conference, there are 16 teams divided into four geographical areas: North, East, South, and West.

Each conference (AFC and NFC) has playoff winners.

The winners of each conference compete each year in the “Super Bowl”.


American Football Conference


National Football Conference

The iconic teams

In the NFL, there are teams loved and hated by the fans. Among the most popular, you can find :

Dallas Cowboys

Green Bay Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers

New England Patriots

Denver Broncos


To better understand American football after discovering our BET99 article, we recommend you to follow some games. Little by little, you will naturally understand the rules and discover this sport that fascinates a whole country!

And eventually, you will have a favorite team and become a fan as well. So who will you root for, the Raiders, the Jaguars or the Vikings?

The sports betting on this sport will be more complete because your knowledge will give you the right to have more in-depth analysis on the NFL championship, the recent forms of the players, the best quarterbacks…