What are the major rivalries in the NHL?

Mar 2, 2022

As in any sport, historic rivalries exist between franchises. When rivals come together there is added pressure on the players as these games mean more to the fans of each team. This is the case in the NHL and throughout this article you will discover that there are many rivalries in the National Hockey League.

The BET99 team reveals the great rivalries that exist in the NHL and that for decades and for many different reasons. Follow us!

“Original 6”

In National Hockey League ice hockey, the “Original 6” refers to the franchises that have existed since the beginning of the league.

For example, rivalries between teams such as:

Chicago Blackhawks
Detroit Red Wings

Toronto Maple Leafs
Montreal Canadiens

Boston Bruins
New York Rangers

Boston Bruins
Montreal Canadiens

Initially, there were rivalries between the franchises of varying magnitude, but the rivalries between the players were the toughest.

However, one rivalry between franchises has survived the ages…

Bruins VS Canadiens

One of the greatest rivalries in the NHL exists between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens.

Both franchises are from the “Original 6” and have been playing against one another since the league began. The Canadiens have won the most games against the Bruins.All the Stanley Cup finals between them were won by the Canadiens.

This rivalry is filled with lots of history and is one of the most popular in the NHL

Islanders VS Rangers

The duel between the two New York franchises!

The Islanders of Long Island and the Rangers based in the borough of Manhattan come together to battle for the title of the best team in New York. It is also one of the most followed rivalries by all ice hockey and NHL fans.

Maple Leafs VS Canadiens

This rivalry is due to the geographical proximity and the two different cultures between the English-speaking Toronto Maple Leafs of Ontario and the French-speaking Montreal Canadiens of Quebec.

The fans have created as much as the franchises a spectacular craze.

The fact that these are the two oldest franchises in the league and the two that have won the most Stanley Cups in the history of the NHL also amplifies this legendary meeting.

Oilers VS Flames

This rivalry is mostly based on the proximity between the cities of Calgary and Edmonton.

In reality, the Flames were based in the USA in the city of Atlanta. In the early years, the franchise moved to Calgary. Only in Alberta, the Edmonton Oilers were already present. So naturally, the rivalry was created.

Over the decades, this rivalry has only intensified over the years.
This Battle of Alberta is now a classic must-watch NHL game.

To conclude

The NHL is filled with rivalries that only make the league more exciting.

If at the beginning of the NHL, during the games between the “Original 6”, rivalries were mainly between certain players, little by little franchises also became rivals.

This is still the case today, after decades of rivalry that the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens have tensions. It is one of the hottest NHL games in the world, with spectators amplifying this historic rivalry.

The Maple Leafs and the Canadiens have also had a strong rivalry, this time as much territorial as sporting.

Recently, the Ottawa Senators have created a rivalry with the Toronto Maple Leafs nicknamed the Battle of Ontario for reasons similar to the Battle of Alberta.